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album mix by kinlaw 
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Retreat FestivalA one day music festival curated by Revenue & KärleksdödenStockholm, Sweden, July 19th 2012 
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A Study In Contrasts
It’s perfect if you get it. If you have the power to feel something, try. From another to you, through creative stimulance, the major happening can come true. Good appreciation will make it yours.
One-set project made by Spoiler Touch.Gothenburg, Sweden. 
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Recent/ongoing interactions:Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, NY spectacletheater
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Retreat Festival, Stockholm, Sweretreatsthlm 
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real job is a club promoter, managing agency and creative venture, based in stockholm sweden. 
every artist that you find on this page is open for business if you ask nicely.we don’t own anyone. we simply help people get together and move forward with their creative situation.
all inquiries: realjob.info@gmail.com
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Revenue - Club in Stockholm curated by Look, Press and Real Job. Location: Under Bron
Contemporary Club Culture

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Under Bron  
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